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Application for ERTMS CEF grant submitted: over 650 rolling stock


This week, the Dutch ERTMS program submitted an application for a CEF grant for the retrofit, upgrade or fitment of on board ERTMS BL3 systems. The application is for an impressive number of over 650 rolling stock from ten vehicle owners. The application amounts 41 million euro.

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In November 2021 the possibility to apply was published on the Dutch ERTMS website and a kick-off meeting was held with interested owners.  Also, this possibility was taken up as an item in SpoorPro-TV. This generated much interest from various parties in- as well as outside the Netherlands. The planned ERTMS investments in over 650 vehicles of 10 owners were judged as ‘mature’ enough to be taken on-board of this application. 

Dutch ERTMS Programme director Wim Knopperts is happy:” Great result so far! Let’s hope that we will be awarded the funding for all the rolling stock we submitted for.” 

The decision to fund this project by the European Commission is expected to take place end of spring time 2022. 

If, for whatever reason, you could not join in this joint application, please keep an eye on our website. In 2022 and 2023 there will be 2 more possibilities to apply for a CEF-grant and we will announce them here.