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ProRail signals start of New Generation STM ATB


ProRail commissions systems supplier Alstom to develop the STM ATBNG (Specific Transmission Module for ATBNG track sections). This module is required for the period that ERTMS equipment uses ATBNG track sections.

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It allows the ETCS on-board train computer to communicate with ATB in the rail infrastructure. Mostly regional operators use the ATBNG track sections.

The blueprint for an STM ATBEG (first generation) has been available since 2019. There is no STM yet for the new generation (ATBNG). Hence, Alstom begins development of an STM for ATBNG this year.

ProRail top executive John Voppen: 'The STM ATBNG is crucial for successful implementation of ERTMS in the Netherlands. It is great that Alstom can develop it for the Netherlands.'

Wim Knopperts, director of the ERTMS Programme Management: 'The efforts to have this STM developed and certified are extensive. It is a product that needs to be developed specifically per country and is the first and vital step in driving with ERTMS. I am very glad that Alstom is prepared to use its limited development capacity to make this required system for the Dutch ERTMS implementation available. Alstom will need to deliver the product in time for the rolling stock driving in the north of the Netherlands. This requires close collaboration with vehicle owners and the industry.'

Bernard Belvaux, Managing Director Benelux of Alstom: 'We are glad that we can make an STM ATBNG solution available to the market with this development and can thus contribute to a successful implementation of ERTMS in the Netherlands.''

In 2026, the first track section in the north - as of yet fitted with ATBNG - will be gradually provided with ERTMS. This makes it necessary for all equipment already converted to ERTMS to be fitted with the STM ATBNG.