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Tasks, roles and authorisations for ERTMS system management


The implementation of ERTMS affects all parts of the rail industry. In order to have the system function properly now and in the future, it is important that solutions and decisions are looked at and taken in conjunction with one another.

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System management is about the mandate to make decisions about transportation system issues that cannot be solved by only one participant. The ERTMS Programme Management is looking into how system management can be designed in the future. A part of the tasks and activities covered by system management are already being executed. But it is not always clear who is in charge of these activities and in which way.

To this end, the Programme Management has drawn up an overview of these activities, the parties involved and the underlying legislation and regulations with respect to authorisation, responsibilities, mandate and obligations in the Netherlands and Europe.

Tasks, roles and authorisations

In the document, the various parties and the underlying legislation and regulations belonging to the activities of system management are listed and explained. System management is defined as a cycle of five main processes: proposition, design, realisation, exploitation and removal. The overview has been drawn up according to a fixed structure per main process.

Easy navigation

Everyone dealing with the implementation of ERTMS now or in the future can use this system management overview. The same topics are discussed briefly per main process: the tasks, roles and authorisations, the European frameworks, the Dutch frameworks, the control tools and other developments.

This set-up makes navigation easy. Clickable items in the file allow you to quickly access the right page containing background information. The menu at the top quickly brings the reader back to one of the five main processes. The appendices contain a more extensive description of the underlying information, legislation and regulations.

Annual update and responses

New developments in the field of ERTMS influence the activities and authorisations within system management. That is why this document is updated in the first quarter of every year. Inaccuracies or outdated facts, laws and regulations will be changed then. Suggestions can be sent via email to loket.ertms@prorail.nl.