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Arriva signs contract with Stadler for first installation of ETCS system GUARDIA in trains


Arriva Netherlands and Stadler sign a contract for the installation of the European Train Control System (ETCS) GUARDIA in 36 of the trains in its fleet.

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This commission also includes supervising the admission of the trains with the new GUARDIA system in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This part of the train fleet also includes the 8 already purchased multi-compatible train cars that are used on Arriva's international train line (RE18) in Limburg. This makes Arriva the first regional transporter in the Netherlands who issues a commission for making its train cars suitable for the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). The first trains with the newly installed system will be ready for use in 2022.

Stadler will provide 36 FLIRT trains of Arriva used in Limburg with the ETCS security system Guardia. Eight of these trains have been made especially for use on the cross-border line in Limburg (RE18). Hence, the so-called homologation of the system in all countries involved is a part of this commission.

For Stadler, this is the first commission to provide trains with its ETCS system. Stadler will be responsible for the full execution of the project. This includes development, engineering and homologation. The installation of GUARDIA in the train will be performed by Stadlers Service Center in the Netherlands. This commission is executed in 2020-2024. The first trains fitted with the system will be available in 2022 for use on the international RE18 train line.