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What do you have to say at the Programme Management ERTMS conference? Take the stage. Participate!


Do you want to share your knowledge, put topics on the agenda, or discuss interesting practical cases during the conference? Don't hesitate and take the stage. The ERTMS Programme Management is organising a conference in which you are not only the participant, but also a fellow programme director!

If you have a great idea or an important topic for the introduction of ERTMS that needs to be discussed at this conference during one of the sharing sessions, then let us know. A conference council will assess all proposals and the most innovative, relevant and inspirational proposals will be included in the conference programme. In what way? That is all up to you: a presentation, interactive session, debate, game or something else entirely.

Time to act

Three years after the start of the ERTMS implementation, it has become crystal clear: we are in this together and things are becoming more and more concrete. Now is a great time to share with each other where we stand and what more we want to achieve. Therefore we are organizing the second ERTMS Conference on June 14th in Fokker Terminal, The Hague. The sharing session programme has three categories. Place your proposal under one of them or be inspired by them.





We are interested in any new partnerships that have formed or are to be formed and that are essential to ERTMS' success. From chain collaboration (Chain Management) to cooperation between ERTMS and ATO or neighbouring countries. How does this work currently? How can we improve it? Maybe you have an entirely new idea?








ERTMS offers new digital opportunities for European train transportation and provides a trove of data. How do we share and protect data responsibly? And how do we ensure that everyone is ready for the digital switch in train transportation? Smart-technology, AI, cyber security, privacy and digital skills. Would you like to share something about this at the conference? Don't hesitate and submit a proposal.








ERTMS is a platform full of new opportunities for innovation. The train will become a fierce competitor of road transport, and there are major transformations in the hardware and software of train transportation. The innovations also affect the way in which we work and the process is designed. We are curious as to your knowledge, ideas and experiences.




Do you have a proposal that does not belong to any of these themes? No problem. You can still submit it.

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